By now we hope you can tell we are very honest and straight forward about this whole thing.

To be very direct with you, we're looking for truly ethical people who see themselves as something bigger than they are now. 

We also love working with people who may not understand everything and maybe haven’t had super success in the past but are committed to a new future.

It takes a lot of work on our part to get someone set up in this business correctly. We love giving that energy to the right people. You have to be willing to learn, willing to grow, & willing to take action and think big.

The reason we place people, like you, in a position to be at the top of our organization is because we know that we couldn't have done this on our own, nobody can. We want to work with you personally because success never comes to people on their own. You don’t see millionaire hermits. We are passionate about your growth because together is the only way we can all reach our goals. Pay It Forward.

If you are a leader already and have some questions you want answered about working with us, or you want to learn more about the advantages that come with being part of an in-home franchise and getting access, you can contact me on my personal phone here: 904-887-4995 

You can also reach me by email at Dave@FundYourLife.net

Our wish is that you take our words to heart. Now is the time where the most dedicated entrepreneurs will be positioned to earn a very large amount of money in this company. When you do this business right, like a professional, and you couple that with the BEST product in the world, and give people the proper tools and education to see the results they deserve, with a company that has a compensation plan that is so front-end loaded so that new people can win, AND a team of people committed to doing this for the right reasons… you can make as much money as you need for a new way of life and establish a residual income and investment plan that will pay you for the rest of your life. No joke.

If you are a leader and an action taker and you are READY to make that happen for your life…. then we will show you exactly how and get "in the trenches" with you to make sure you never feel like you are in business alone.

Let’s chat!
Respectfully submitted,

Dave & Katie Simpson

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