The consensus is in and from the oracle of Omaha billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who only invests in sure things (he bought his own Network marketing company) to top selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki who lauds network marketing as the best way to start your path to success, it seems people are all agreeing that network marketing is at a whole new level from what your parents and grandparents knew back in the day.


Network marketing is all grown up and is now recognized as a legitimately exciting new frontier where people are making everything from a great part time paycheck to full fledged six figure incomes. As important as finding a great company like Zurvita is, equally important is having a great sponsor. So why pick Dave and Katie over all the possible choices you have for mentors in your new and exciting foray into the Zurvita network marketing world? Simply put the one word that describes them is “authentic”.


I know that word is bandied about a lot these days, but unfortunately the walk often doesn’t live up to the hype, in this case the word isn’t quite strong enough to describe this remarkable couple.  I’ve known Dave since before he could walk and as the youth pastor of the church he grew up in I’ve watched him go from toddler to being a father himself and I’m now honored to count him as one of my best friends. I watched as he first met the phenomenal young woman Katie. I watched as she bought her first house while putting herself through nursing school. I also watched Dave working three jobs(one of them overnights) all this while going to college so that he could save enough money to surprise his wife to be with a honeymoon adventure to Ireland. At this point I must say he really won the lottery, Katie is one of the most beautiful people I know, not just because of outward looks, but even much more for her heart and her limitless compassion and all of this rolled into the strongest woman I’ve ever had the joy of knowing. Over the years I’ve been terrified watching Dave do backflips off of air-conditioning units and brought to tears as I’ve watched he and his amazing wife Katie build a family like none that I’ve rarely if ever seen.


You see, they’re able to make their own children the old fashion way, but they purposely planned and decided that their family would be populated with kids that they’ve chosen to foster and then adopt. Or, as they would say, chose them. Children who would’ve never had a chance heading down the path they were on.


I’ve seen firsthand the results of kids that were biting, cussing, screaming and punching holes in walls being literally transformed from hopeless isolated and untrusting of anyone and everyone, into well mannered children that were leaping through the air into my arms for a hug after just a few months of living in the loving nurture of the Simpson household. Results so miraculous that they were the first choice of the Florida foster care system for some of the most challenging kids that everyone else had given up on. I’ve firsthand seen Dave and Katie subsequently transform these young children’s lives from one of hopelessness and anguish to lives filled with hope, purpose and love in this family environment of hard-won but happy endings.


In fact they won the North Florida Foster Family of the year award recently.


At this point you may be asking yourself what in the heck does this have to do with  network marketing? Well, to sum it up, everything.


You want the sponsors who are going to lead you and your team to be the real deal. They have hearts of gold and their desire is to truly help you and your team fulfill your dreams and reach your full potential in business and in life.


Dave and Katie also know that as wonderful as financial freedom is, even more incredibly valuable is time freedom. Time freedom is what allowed Dave & Katie to be able to simultaneously grow from 1 to 5 kids in a year, Katie finish her Master’s degree, and travel with the family. All this while being able to build their Zurvita business part time on their own schedule.


I not only count myself lucky to call Dave and Katie my friends, but they’re also who I call when I have any needs with building my Zurvita business.


So why pick Dave and Katie to be your leaders in Zurvita?


Because as one of my dear friends Patty Carson always says, “pick people you go into business with that you’d be proud to associate with”. If Dave and Katie are in the room you can be sure that’ll it’ll be filled with energy, laughter and excitement and equally tempered with strength, wisdom, hope and purpose.


If you’re looking for the best of the best and are ready to start your adventure in Zurvita, I can think of no better mentors than Dave and Katie.


-Charles S., Nebraska