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Why People Don’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

There are TWO primary reasons people don’t join your business. If you have put any effort into trying to find a new business partner in your network marketing home business, you know that many people simply don’t join. Even after you learn every objection, every rebuttal, every excuse, sometimes… They. just. say. no. Why is that? There are a few FALSE reasons they’ll tell you. None...

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Working with Dave & Katie – An Outside View

The consensus is in and from the oracle of Omaha billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who only invests in sure things (he bought his own Network marketing company) to top selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki who lauds network marketing as the best way to start your path to success, it seems people are all agreeing that network marketing is at a whole new...

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Why Join Dave & Katie?

By now we hope you can tell we are very honest and straight forward about this whole thing.   To be very direct with you, we're looking for truly ethical people who see themselves as something bigger than they are now. We love to work with people who understand this industry and what it means to be in a company at this position with this opportunity in this time.   We...

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