Unlock the Power of Zeal

What Matters The Most To You?

Zeal unlocks the power of nutrition from nature so you can be and feel your best, living a life filled with doing what matters the most to you. It’s the simplest, most affordable, food-based nutritional solution you’ll find that delivers clinically proven results at the highest level. Zeal is currently available in Classic and Vegan formulas. Classic Zeal comes in great tasting Wild Berry and Kiwi Watermelon flavors. The Zeal Vegan formula is offered in mouth-watering Bold Grape, Tropic Dream and Wild Berry options.

The Zeal formulas have been shown to:


  • boost your energy*
  • optimize your health*
  • enrich, restore and protect your body*
  • help maintain a healthy weight


Zurvita’s Zeal for Life® combines many of the most powerful nutritional components available today into a single, delicious, real-food product. Recognized as what’s called a “functional food,” Zeal transcends the role of many supplements, and provides the body with the food-based nutritional components it needs in a more fundamental form.


The results? You can feel more vibrant and energetic, fueling a life of real purpose and significance.


It includes:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • antioxidants
  • amino acids
  • micronutrients
  • phytonutrients and more!


Zeal’s balanced nutrition can be a foundational support to good health, proper energy levels and successful weight management.

What Is Zeal For Life?

Stress, Supplements, and You – Dr. Jim Badman

The Power of Rice Bran – Mark McKnight

Get A 6-Pack

For $17 you can purchase a 6 day supply of Zeal for life, complete education material and a copy of Success From Home (a third party magazine) that has chosen to feature Zurvita 3 years in a row.

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Get A Month Supply

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Purchase a month supply of Zeal for Life with a 30-day money back guarantee. We are 100% confident you’ll be very pleased with the results you feel on Zeal for Life.

There are two options…

1. Weight Management
2. Zeal for Life only


A convenient, great tasting, all-in-one formula focused on packing the most nutritional value into one serving.


Provide your body with more energy from the food-based nutritional components combined in a single serving.


Every ingredient matters, providing today’s most unique array of health benefits in a single nutritional product.


All-in-One Formulas: Take the hassle out of healthy living. These unique formulas combine core vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables, along with other exotic botanical ingredients from all over the world – all in just a single product! Classic Zeal represents the Original formula launched in 2011. It is not Gluten free, Vegan or Kosher. Vegan Zeal has slightly different ingredients in order to meet current Gluten free, Vegan and Kosher certification standards.

Convenient: Consistency is key when it comes to nutrition. Our bodies need ongoing nourishment. The single-serving bottles make it easy for anyone to grab their daily dose on-the-run and never miss a day. Pop the top, add water and shake it up. It’s the easiest way to consume this much nutritional goodness at one time.

Great Taste: “Healthy” and “delicious” aren’t two words you typically hear in the same sentence when it comes to nutrition, but people use these two words all the time to describe Zeal. Available in four enjoyable flavors and depending on the formula; you can choose from Bold Grape, Kiwi Watermelon, Tropic Dream or Wild Berry. Zeal’s great taste makes healthy living something you can look forward to every day.

Clinically Proven: Feeling the Zeal difference means different things to different people and there definitely is a Zeal difference! Recently completed clinical trial results from independent third-party research firm, KGK Synergize, confirm the positive benefits of Zeal including improved mood, stronger vigor and vitality, and less anxiety and fatigue. Under the highest scientific standards, the study was conducted on healthy and active people not trying to improve mood or enhance their current health.

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Click here to read the Clinical Trial done on Zeal for Life at the University of Pennsylvania