Morning Rituals – Priming Your Day For Achievers

Recently, my wife upgraded our mower to a fully electric mower (awesome, btw).

When we started it up for the first time, I noticed you didn’t have to “do” anything besides push a button. A BUTTON.

I said “Well duh, of course you don’t have to prime it, it’s electric”. Then I dove into deep thought considering how possible it may be to skip the need to “prime” your days and just hop to all of this with the push of a button.

Unfortunately, just like a traditional mower engine MUST be primed, our brains and emotions MUST be primed in order to start your day in a peak emotional state.

——“Win the morning, you’ll win the day”——

Here is a video where I teach you what I learned from Tony Robbins and it is the best kept secret on having an amazing day.

Whether you are building a home based business entrepreneur, a high achieving professional, a stay at home parent, or someone who just wants to put an end to feeling like the day always is in control of your emotions, that habit will serve you tremendously.

Erica Simpson’s Foster Care Speech

Foster Care Speech, by Erica Simpson.

My daughter will change so many people’s worlds.
She has the perfect role model in Katie Simpson and has developed a powerful meaning to her story, both good and bad. 


We were foster parents for 5 years and have adopted 5 kiddos out of the system. If you are ever open to the discussion, have questions, or would like to know the ins and outs of what it is truly like to be a foster parent, never hesitate to reach out and ask. We always have time to help other forever families.

Why People Don’t Join You in Business

There are TWO primary reasons people don’t join your business.

If you have put any effort into trying to find a new business partner in your network marketing home business, you know that many people simply don’t join. Even after you learn every objection, every rebuttal, every excuse, sometimes… They. just. say. no. Why is that?